Devlog #6 Refinements Results & SHCC

Refinements Results 

Walking cycle

The walking cycle is usually the most basic and also the most difficult animation to deal with. We realized the jumping/jerky issues of our boy character’s walking cycle is due to his quite dramatic up-and-down movement and big step. So we retouched the animation by referencing more game characters' walking cycles instead of the traditional cartoon/animation movement. The new walking cycle by its own might seems less exciting than before, but once it's been placed in the game environment, it turns out to be a lot smoother and pleasant to look at. 

 Also we realized the camera movement in some of the levels would magnify this jerky issue. More research will have to be put into fixing this issue later on.

Art material size optimization

The build of our game is getting bigger everyday, and this could be worrying. No player would like to experience crashing before even starting the game. So the earlier we start looking into this problem the better. It’s tricky to want to maintain the hand drawn/organic feel of the game's art without using big chunks of background drawings. So, this month we chose one of the new levels we are developing, and tried to find a balance between using seamless and original textures for building the background. We are also trying to get the color effect right by using multiply layers with blending adjustment in Unity. There will be more challenges to take, but the first attempt turned out lot better than we expected. (see image below)

                                                 Before (left) & After (right) Optimization

                                                 Before (left) & After (right) Optimization


Last weekend we’ve been invited to Shanghai Comic Con to showcase LUNA (with 2 new demo levels added) along with many other great indie game teams. For all the people who came around to say hi and left us great suggestions, we really appreciated all your support! Hope in the future we will have more chances to bring LUNA to other game show exhibitions in different countries.

                                           Had our first time exhibition stands design experience in SHCC

                                           Had our first time exhibition stands design experience in SHCC

For the new month, we are planning to start the development of a new level next month. The gameplay we designed for this level will give us quite a few technical challenges as it involves quite a lot study about the physics of shadow movement. Also, players could expect to experience some good old action gameplay mixed within the puzzles.