Devlog #8 Game Reconstruction & Early Bird Beta

Here we are reaching the first milestone of 2017. We have been going through quite a few big changes and are very busy working on the game, so this updates came a little bit later than usual. Let’s break it down into three different sections.

Game Reconstruction Updates

Since half a year ago, thanks to the Kickstarter funding from our lovely backers, we then dared to push ourselves a little bit more from its original plan on this project. Over the last few months of 2016, in order to make the story richer and the gameplay more challenging, we have increased the number of levels and cinematics within the game. Due to these workloads, from the beginning of the year we have been working on the code refactoring of the whole game, by switching to reactive programming, as we believe the future workflow will definitely benefit from it. Although it is quite time consuming at the moment, thanks to this change all the trickier gameplay features will be able to stand on a much more solid foundation. By doing so, we can also reduce the debug time later on.

About the upcoming Early Bird Beta Version

Last year we’ve had promised some of our Kickstarter backers to be able to participate in one of our early bird beta version test. We are now planning to launch it around the mid of 2nd quarter this year, and the details of the download links and game activation keys will be announced in the next backers exclusive update. 

Here’s the new stuff that players could expect in this version:  

  • A new and easier to understand hint system to smooth the gameplay experience.
  • A couple of new, carefully selected, challenging levels which represent some of the newly developed puzzle types and gameplay. 
  • Since the new control system of our two characters is mostly complete, in this Beta version players will now finally be able to have a taste of the dual character system we’ve been talking about a lot. 
  • Last but not least, improved / optimized game backgrounds and new cinematics! 

Kickstarter Related Update:

Following by the reconstruction work schedule, there will be changes about producing the physical rewards for some of the backers. In order to focus 100% on the game development as the priority at the moment, the time of dispatching the physical gifts will be delayed until the time of our Steam release. We do hope our backers understand the reason of that and stay patient with us. Because by making this change, if they are produced after the whole game production is completed, the physical gifts will be able to contain a much more complete game art and soundtrack collection, and overall the backers will receive a much higher quality gift set.