Funded With Kickstarter & Greenlit On Steam

30 days ago, we started one of the most crazy and exciting journey of our life, with 4 people nervously staring at the computer screen and thinking: Did we make the right diction? Will there really be any one who would like our game? 12K really seemed like a million miles away. So when we got the first backer, we were so thrilled and almost couldn’t believe it. Then things just got crazier and crazier, when we were 100% funded, just imagine the awesome feeling multiplied by ONE THOUSAND times!

And now we reached the end, a wonderful, wonderful end. Not only that we successfully raised £17,570 (146% funded ) and achieved one of the stretch goals, but also when we turn around, we now see 1110 real people standing beside us, scattered across the globe from East to West, giving us generous support, showing love and faith. Also, we have received in total of 3695 yes votes and more than 300 comments from all over the world! This is such a big achievement for LUNA. It could not have been done without everyone's help! We can only thank you all so much for the support! 

We did it? No, to be honest, YOU DID IT! 
This is one of the most amazing achievement that any indie team could ever ask for. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, from the bottom of our heart. Thank you for giving us the chance to make something really special!

Check out our Kickstarter page and the Steam page.

Lantern Studio Team