Devlog #1 The Grand Plan, aspect ratio & The Tower

The Grand Plan

After the most incredible campaign month ended, the team had a few days rest and then immediately jumped into the new development stage of LUNA. The days that "do whatever we feel like, whenever we feel like" have officially ended. With some solid funding in hand (thanks to you guys), we have now finally got the chance to plan about how we're gonna make LUNA really happen as a complete game instead of just a bag of interesting ideas.

A grand plan for LUNA has been established for approximately 18 levels ( 25+ locations ), with two storylines going side by side and delivered by animated cinematics. At the moment we've got ⅓ of the levels close to completion, another ⅓ of the levels require different amounts of redesign and the rest is still waiting to be done. That sounds like a LOT of work and we got just about 1 year to finish it, so you can bet that we are either working on LUNA or thinking about LUNA.

It’s gonna be the busiest, hardest year in our life thus far, but considering that we are doing what we love, this is also gonna be an amazing experience.

Change of aspect ratio

As many of you already noticed, our demo game runs at a 4:3 aspect ratio. The reason for that is because the demo was also used to test the iOS version in the early dev stage, and all the iPads have 4:3 screens. However for the best visual and game play experience, we think 16:9 would be a better and up to date screen format choice after all.

However, due to the massive amount of different mobile / tablet devices on the market, to have just one size able to fit all these different screens perfectly became a really big challenge for us. During the last few weeks, the team has been re-programming and reworking on some of the existing art materials to fit the new resolution and aspect ratio.

The change for the menu settings are also under modification, once it's done the players can manually quit the game and jump to any previous level whenever they like. It will allow the players to choose between different display modes, adjust graphics quality and audio settings anytime during the game.

The Tower  

It is the landmark in the world of LUNA and where most of the adventures will take place. No doubt, the tower is one of the most important design elements we are going to perfect. Here are some of the latest design and concept art for the tower and its environment.

We'd like to thank Concept artist Tang, who is helping the project voluntarily .

                                       We'd like to thank Concept artist Tang, who is helping the project voluntarily .

                                       We'd like to thank Concept artist Tang, who is helping the project voluntarily .

Players can expect to not only solve the puzzles inside the tower, but also experience the world outside it. We are also designing more actions for the characters, so in some game levels, they can jump and climb in the environment outside the tower., which we believe is gonna bring more fun into the gameplay.